Our meetings

Alternative schedule

Following COVID-19 measures and protocols and complying with Government regulations,
we have decided to move forward with an online and in-person meeting schedule beginning Sunday July 25th 2021

During this time, we are meeting in person and online for worship, Bible study, and ministry.

If you would like to attend in-person and are a visitor to our assembly,
please contact us to let us know ahead of your planned visit.  
This will help us with planning purposes upon your arrival. 

We kindly ask each one to wear their masks or face shields throughout the duration of the meeting.
Please maintain social distancing where possible.

Please contact us if you wish to join our Zoom meetings


Rememberance meeting

Sundays @ 10am (in person & online)

The Breaking of the Bread is the central point of our gatherings. 
We are told through the Bible, that we are to do this to remember
our Lord Jesus Christ, until He comes.
This meeting consists of partaking of the bread
(which signifies His broken body)
and the wine (which signifies His blood that He shed)
Each celebration of the Lord’s Supper includes praising and thanksgiving on Christ’s  life, death and resurrection remembering and reflecting on the Lord Jesus Christ, of His willing sacrifice on the cross.

Thoughout this meeting, various men who are members in the assembly will lead in worship, praise, and prayer as they meditate, and reflect on
The Lord Jesus Christ of His willing sacrifice on the cross

Gospel meeting

sundays @ 7pm (online only)


The gospel meeting delivers the message that
Christ died for our sins
He was buried and raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.

For listening over the phone, please dial by your location, and enter the Member ID and the Passcode below

1 647 374 4685 Canada
1 647 558 0588 Canada

Meeting ID: 862 6755 9966
Passcode: 817558

bible reading/Ministry

tuesdays @ 7:30pm (online only)

Lead by different men in the assembly,
the Bible readings and ministry meetings are meant to encourage and
teach what God is speaking to us through His Word, The Bible.